PaperSeed Day, Singapore

The PaperSeed Foundation has one goal: to strengthen education in under-developed or resource lacking areas. We spend most of our day-to-day focused on providing grants for Non-Profit Organizations and NGO’s all over the world in order to meet that mission. Another huge component of the PaperSeed family, however, are our volunteer-run PaperSeed Local committees. CellMark employees in offices all over the world give their time, energy and skills to local Non-Profits and NGO’s with a demonstrated need.

In San Rafael, the local committee has worked alongside Vida Verde and the Fairfax-San Anselmo Children’s Center for a number of years. This aid usually takes the form of focused fundraising and volunteer days to complete specific projects such as refurbishing their educational garden or providing back to school supplies. These partnerships enable the PaperSeed Foundation to continue our mission and reach an even greater number of children, locally and globally.

In Phuket, Thailand, CellMark employees in the Singapore office recently put their time and energy into aiding a network of Thai orphanages. Last year, during CellMark’s 30 year anniversary celebration, all CellMark offices across the world did volunteer activities. The Singapore office did a huge volunteer project in Thailand with 90 employees giving their time to a group of orphanages in Phuket.

To celebrate this year’s PaperSeed Day, Singapore’s CellMark employees came together once more and raised over $2500 for the Holland House, Uncle Pitak House and Sunshine Village in Phuket. In addition to the fundraising they did, Singapore staff paid for their own flights to Thailand in order to give back in March this year. Taking their pooled funds, they purchased essentials such as diapers, shampoo, soap, rice and much more and distributed them among the three orphanages on March 22nd and 23rd.

CellMark employees also submitted a grant request to PaperSeed and were awarded funding to purchase a new computer lab for Phuket’s Sunshine Village. Sunshine Village orphanage was opened after Phuket was hit by a tsunami. Today, it houses more than 90 children between the ages of 2 and 18, and they are nurtured there until they receive a bachelor’s degree. Sunshine Village affords displaced children a degree of normalcy in the face of tragedy, and their new computer lab will enable them to learn technological literacy and gain other essential skills for success in todays’ world.

CellMark Asia has absolutely set the bar for other PaperSeed Local committees the world over with their generosity and community spirit. It is our sincere hope that their dedication to giving back serves to inspire not only their fellow PaperSeed Local committees, but other businesses to practive giving back. It is through these acts of kindness PaperSeed’s vision of ending poverty through education is realized.