The Kilgoris Project: Nentekeny Preschool Construction

The people living in and around Kilgoris are from the Maasai tribe, which makes up about 1.4% of Kenya’s population. Because they are not a politically powerful tribe and do not have adequate government representation, they are marginalized, with poor access to basic services, like sanitation, health care or education. Maasai people live in pastoral communities. They survive on subsistence farming and some have a few animals, primarily goats and cattle. There are few employment opportunities in the immediate area. The Nentekeny Preschool is the only preschool that serves the community. In fact, Kenya has no government system for early learning, including kindergarten.

PaperSeed worked with local partner organization, The Kilgoris Project, to construct a modern facility for students where they will receive critical early childhood education including reading, writing, math and social skills before they enter primary school. Early learners gain a solid foundation for later academic and personal success.

PaperSeed provided funding for 4 furnished classrooms designed for preschool use, a kitchen, 6 latrines, water tank, and gutter system.