ArtCorps: East African Girls Leadership Summit

In partnership with ArtCorps, PaperSeed is excited to support creative leadership development for 30 low-income, high potential East African girls using innovative arts-based techniques. Girls trained through the Summit worked with ArtCorps and project partners to develop mechanisms for ongoing connection and networking after the Summit, to build momentum for the East Africa Girls movement and to ensure skills and learning from the Summit are successfully utilized by participants moving forward. Using a Trainer of Trainer model, six facilitators were trained during the Summit to organize and lead future Summits, levering impact from the 2015 Summit.

PaperSeed's Executive Director, Aliyya Shelley Mattos, had the pleasure of attending the summit during her 2015 visit to Kenya. Over the course of a week, the girls participated in a wealth of activities, including learning V-Day's iconic "Break the Chain" Dance. Here, the girls are just starting to learn the steps: