We never work alone and believe that collaborating with the global network of CellMarktheir business partners, non-profit organizations and local community based organizations, we can provide innovative and better solutions for strengthening education together.

We stand behind sustainable results that can be measured and evaluated for evidence of their efficacy; if our projects aren’t working the way they should, we look for ways to fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Grant size generally ranges from USD $5,000 to $25,000. Organizations will be eligible to seek additional funding once the initial grant period has been completed satisfactorily. Funding is provided for capacity building, training, management support and projects that fall under the following categories:

  1. Deeper Learning for All: providing computers and books for libraries, creating school tutoring centers, funding for essential teacher training, life skills education and specifically developed programs to keep girls in school, such as scholarships, reproductive health education and/or sanitary napkins.
  2. Creative Learning: starting or expanding programs in music, arts and sports.
  3. Cultural Awareness: ensuring the young people are aware of their own cultural heritage, and that of others.
  4. Environmental Education: starting or expanding programs that inform the next generation on the importance of the environment.
  5. Sound Structures: construction of classrooms, computer labs, libraries, school sanitary facilities, hand-washing stations and kitchens; solidifying existing structures with reinforced windows, ceilings and cement floors.

The PaperSeed Foundation bridges resources gaps to enhance children’s lives. We take all precautions to avoid replicating existing projects or programs.