Some of our work is in partnership with local community leaders and Peace Corps Volunteers on community-led initiatives and projects. PaperSeed recognizes the unique opportunity Peace Corps Volunteers have with their strong language skills, cultural immersion and- frequently- direct access to remote areas. Peace Corps Volunteers assist local leaders in applying for funds and serve as project managers with approval from Peace Corps Staff in their county of service.

We require community buy-in: this means the community must participate in all steps of the process and must contribute 20 to 30 percent of a project’s total cost. This community commitment demonstrates the interest and commitment of the local community to the project in the near and long term. We understand that communities with the most need are underserved and they lack resources, as such contributions are not limited to financial contributions.  They can be in the form of manual labor, materials or other creative ideas the community comes up with.

PaperSeed is currently accepting Peace Corps Partnership Grant inquiries from China, Guatemala, Kenya, Morocco, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and Peru.

If you are an active Peace Corps Volunteer in one one of the above mentioned funding regions and are interested in applying for partnership, please contact us for more information.