Camp Rising Sun

Camp Rising Sun

Camp Rising Sun is a week-long camp for children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Their mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment for kids who have faced the diagnosis of cancer, so that they may grow and learn from their experiences to become the best they can be. More than that, Camp Rising Sun enables children to capture those perfect summer moments that might otherwise be missed.

Camp Rising Sun, in their own words:

Children who have faced a diagnosis of cancer are children who had to grow up too soon.  They have experienced fear and pain, seen their parents cry, endured the loss of hair and maybe even limbs.  They have seen the inside of too many clinics, know the ins and outs of MRIs and scans and can recognize other survivors by the scar on the chest from ports. Camp Rising Sun’s mission is to bring back the child; to make them remember what it was like to laugh, to be silly and to have fun.  To recognize the fact that in their communities they may be known as “that kid with cancer”.  Everyone at camp is the kid with cancer- so they can be the athlete, the artist, the comic or whatever else they want to be.  They level the playing field.

Children ages 5 to 17 attend camp free of charge. In 2014, PaperSeed provided art supplies, science kits and medical supplies for all campers.

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