"Pepper's Dragons" book for Sandy Hook

The community of Sandy Hook, CT was deeply impacted by the shooting that occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 killing 20 school children and 6 teachers & administrative staff.

The children and families of Sandy Hook and Newtown have been affected by the events of 12/14 in widely varying ways.  The book, “Pepper’s Dragons” by Dr. Stacia Bjarnason, Ph.D,.  was written as a healing tool for these families with its primary focus on opening up a dialogue between parents and their children.  The book accomplishes this by providing a common and non-threatening language with a story-line that promotes sharing and exploring the many different emotional responses to 12/14.  The act of open discussion, sharing emotions and understanding you are not alone in the way you feel about this very difficult subject is a key component of the healing process.

PaperSeed and CellMark have covered the expenses of designing, printing and binding the book, enabling all families, schools and libraries in Sandy Hook to have copies of this important and healing publication.

If you have been affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy and would like a copy of the book, please email info@paperseed.org.

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