What is Local+Global?

Our PaperSeed Local committees are a group of generous, dedicated CellMark employees who volunteer their time to support non-profits in their own communities. Their work shines in initiatives like collecting school supplies and toys for children, conducting local fundraisers on behalf of the foundation, creating mentoring programs, and engaging in volunteer days. 


Local committees work with NGOs and the PaperSeed Foundation in order to fund a specific project. Our Local+Global initiative has come into play in Northern California, in our work with Vida Verde. Employees in the San Rafael office have done volunteer work on site with Vida Verde, helping to a complete a project that they funded with a grant from the PaperSeed Foundation. CellMark's Singapore office has also done some wonderful work with a network of orphanages in Phuket, Thailand.

Any PaperSeed Local committee is welcome to submit a grant proposal to the Global Foundation. We are glad for the opportunity, as their understanding of local issues and needs enables us to better serve children around the world and fulfill our mission. In that sense, Local+Global is one of the greatest things to come out of our partnership with CellMark.