Back-to-School Drive

Mere days after wrapping up work on the Midsummer Mixer, PaperSeed California turned their sights to their annual backpack drive. This year they opted for a “Giving Tree” style drive in which people pick an apple card with a child’s name, age and gender on it, purchase that child a backpack, fill it with supplies from a recommended list, and bring it back to be donated. Employees have already brought in a colorful array of bags. Some also included small gifts like books they cherished when they were in school, stickers and notes of encouragement for the year. 



This year, PaperSeed is working with the Farifax-San Anselmo Children’s Center and their goal is to supply 36 backpacks to FSACC’s 2nd-5th graders. Others have lent their support by means of cash donations, which PaperSeed CA members will use to purchase any remaining backpacks and supplies that may be needed.

The California team is grateful for the generosity of their San Rafael co-workers, and plans to throw an ice cream party for the whole office if their goal is reached. California committee Vice President, Megan Lima added, “I’m really excited that we’re once again bringing our group together to help out some deserving kids.”