High Atlas Foundation: Sami's Project

Sami’s Project, through the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) reaches out to young, in-school students aged 5-18 and their teachers in the rural area of the Essaouira province by planting fruit trees and developing botanical gardens at their schools. In this project, students from eight schools received environmental education workshops, initiated tree-planting programs, and developed two pedagogical gardens in two schools in the region around Smimou with the support of the Pedagogical Center of Environmental education.

HAF wants to encourage youth to pursue their personal interests in education, environmental conservation and socio-economic community development through a participatory approach. At the same time, the project aims to create partnerships and synergies between schools, civil society, communities and other partners to build strong school communities, supporting disadvantaged youth in rural Morocco. Sami’s Project teaches students an eco-friendly approach to breaking the cycle of poverty, and encourages youth to preserve their natural environment and adopt life-long behaviors that protect our earth – including recycling and waste management. 

In partnership with the High Atlas Foundation, PaperSeed supported environmental education workshops and experimental gardens, where more than 2,000 students learned about the importance of modern arboriculture and an eco-friendly approach to environmental preservation. A pedagogical manual and workshop outlines will ensure that Moroccan teachers will continue to organize environmental education workshops with an experimental learning approach.

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