Junior Achievement: Entrepreneurial Education

Since the inception of Junior Achievement (JA) in Kenya in 1999 they have impacted more than 400,000 youth through their hands-on experiential training on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness. Over the last five years they have grown and expanded the impact of their programs from 30 to 250 secondary schools nationwide.  Their tracked alumni have demonstrated outstanding ability to either start their own enterprises or to be gainfully employed through the acquired critical skills that make them successful in life and work.

Last year, they impacted over 5,000 youth across Kenya through their signature program, the Company Program, which exposes the learners to the realities of entrepreneurship. PaperSeed provided JA Kenya with seed capital for their student run enterprises. The seed capital funding will enable the JA Clubs overcome the start-up capital obstacle that has been hindering their complete program experience especially the schools in rural and peri-urban areas. This partnership will allow students the opportunity to experience the complete cycle of Company Program beyond providing equity amongst the schools while encouraging the creation of sustainable businesses that will benefit both the school and the community.

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